Why Our Candles are the Best

Here at F&G, we think our candles are the best. As candle addicts, we know that there is a massive range of options at a variety of prices from which to get your fix.  You can pay from £4.99 to £80 for a Standard Candle but what exactly do you get when you spend a little more?

Cheaper candles like the market leader Yankee Candles are poured using an automated machinery that required higher wax temperatures to work.  Additives may be added to help this process.  Pouring at such high temperatures can cause a great deal of the fragrance to evaporate out of the finished candle.  It can also result in a higher proportion of the fragrance rising to the top of the candle.  This helps explain why a candle that smells lush in the store, may quickly lose impact when burning at home.

Our candles are the best - how we do it.

A more expensive candle will be hand poured at much lower temperatures ensuring an even fragrance throughout.  That last burn should release scent much more closely to the first.

At Feather & Grey, we go further still, employing a ‘two-step pour’ on each and every one of our candles.  Years of experience combined with premium wax and wicks, and concentrated oils ensure maximum scent throw.  Our background in very high-end candles like our Bespoke Crystal range allows Feather & Grey to deliver an exceptional product combining unparalleled quality, safety and longevity.

If you have ever bought a candle that smelled great in the jar, but disappointed at home, then trade up to Feather & Grey.  Our standard Candles are still just £25 each and provide a tantalising insight into the world of true luxury.

Order yours today at www.featherandgrey.com

Donna Allan