Candle Etiquette - How to care for your Candle

How to care for your candle - There is more to caring for your candle than most people think, but don't be put off its not as hard as it seems. To get the most out of your candle all you need to do is follow some important tips and tricks to fully appreciate and enjoy the value you receive from your candle.

1. Allow your candle to burn until the wax pool reaches the glass

This is really important and an absolute must on the first burn because wax has a ‘memory’ - the size of the wax pool on the initial burn is largely the size of the wax pool from that point on. So in simple terms if you burn your candle for say 10 minutes and blow the flame out you will be left with only a small circle that has melted, this will be the size that it will always burn from there on. If this happens the liquid wax pool does not reach the edge of the glass, then ‘tunneling’ can occur. This is where the wax around the outside edge of the glass will never burn, leaving a ‘tunnel’ effect…

We don't want any of your luxury Feather & Grey candle wasted because the wax hasn't melted all the way down.

To avoid this happening we recommend that you burn your candle for at least 1 - 2 hours on the first occasion, but for no more than 4 hours. Thereafter, we suggest you burn your candle for a minimum of an hour - or at least until the wax pool covers the surface.

This will also help with ensuring optimum fragrance throw and an even burn.

2 Burn your candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time

If you burn your candle for more than 4 hours you risk your candle jar getting too hot and potentially exploding. The smell in your home will already be amazing from our concentrated scents so don't over do it and save some indulgence of your Feather & Grey candle for another time.

3 Before each lighting, trim the wick to 5mm

Another really important step in candle care is to trim the wicks before relighting your candle. This willl help to prevent black smoke from appearing on the glass - you don’t want that spoiling your beautiful white gloss Feather & Grey candle.

4 Never leave a burning candle unattended

Our number one priority is to keep our customers safe at all times so never ever leave a burning candle unattended and always keep out of reach of small children.

5 Don’t let the flame (or anything else) touch any part of the glass

Make sure there is nothing, except the wick, in your candle jar - for example, never leave a match stick in the jar etc.

6 Make sure you place your candle on an even surface

7 Don’t let your candle burn down to the base - extinguish it when 1cm of wax is left

Another very important safety message again! We don’t want the base of your candle jar getting too hot. This can cause the glass to explode and no matter what brand of candle you buy this can happen to the best of them.

8 Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles

So, if you are creating your own bespoke aroma, by burning more than one Feather & Grey  candle at a time, make sure they have sufficient space between them - again, so that your candle jars don’t get too hot.

9 Keep your candle out of draughts and away from flammable materials

10 Extinguish your candle by snuffing

This helps reduce the smell of smoke after using your candle and also helps prevent black smoke from appearing on the glass. You also won’t run the risk of blowing hot wax over your surfaces! Why not purchase one of our stunning snuffers from our accessories range to avoid any mishaps

There you have it - a few hints to get you started and to keep you safe.

Enjoy your luxury Feather & Grey candles!

Candle CareDonna Allan